Welcome to Arte Viva

Arte Viva is a dynamic Dutch company specialized in innovative niche child safety products. It was founded in 2000 by Rob Marcus and our products are currently sold in more than 60 countries all over the world. It is our aim to invent, develop and produce our goods in Western Europe.

Our mission

Arte Viva wants to make safe kindergartens and schools the norm all over the world. This is why we focus on child safety products that create a safe and care-free environment for children. Many of the accidents in kindergartens are caused by doors. Often children get their fingers stuck in between a door which may cause severe injuries and traumatizes the child. Another very common type of accident is that children hurt themselves on sharp edges or corners. This is why we offer solutions for these kinds of problems in kindergartens. Our products create a safe environment so that children can play and learn safely at kindergartens and schools.

In countries like the Netherlands, France, Sweden, The United Kingdom, Singapore, and Dubai door finger guards have been made mandatory in childcare. In the Netherlands for example, the number of accidents related to doors has dropped by more than 40% in 2014 compared to 2008. It is our goal to achieve equally strong results in other countries as well. We can only achieve this with your help!

To create more awareness of this issue we are working on creating and distributing checklists of dangerous spots in and around kindergartens and nurseries. Through these documents, we want to shine a light on the dangers of doors and other dangerous spots. Our ultimate goal is to make finger door guards mandatory in all kindergartens and schools so the number of accidents continues to fall.

This is why our mission is to create a safer world for our children by reducing the number of accidents in kindergartens and schools.